Design and structureS services


D+S LTD is an architectural and structural consulting and construction office.

The office has been operating under the title Design+structureS since 1994.

Under the new office name the practice has designed and/or constructed numerous projects such as houses - ranging from small residencies and villas -, interior refurbishments, private office and commercial buildings and office interiors, industrial design related products, exhibition stands, industrial buildings and other. D+S has undertaken projects for significant companies such as Hellenic Petroleum, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals SA, Hewlett-Packard, Avinoil and Express Service.

A variety of services may be provided related to a project: - site plan and site evaluation in terms of location and compliance with zoning and building permits - issuing of building permits, evaluation of existing buildings in terms of their flexibility, structural integrity and quality control-architectural, structural and mechanical design-interior design-interior and exterior refurbishments and/or extensions-furniture, fixtures and special structures design-temporary structures, design.

The D and S office may undertake small and large scale projects which can be supported up to the actual construction in collaboration with subcontractors, familiar with the practice s techniques.

The work of the office has been recognized for the unique aproach that follows the realization of each individual project. Interviews from Takis Yalelis or articles that he has written himself have appeared in the daily and monthly press. Many of D+S works have been published in monthly and weekly periodicals such as ΑΡΧΙΤΕΚΤΟΝΙΚΗ, WORK DESIGN, ΙΔΑΝΙΚΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ, ΟΙΚΙΑ & ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΗΣΗ, TAXYΔΡΟΜΟΣ, Madame Figaro, ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ and ΕΠΕΝΔΥΤΗΣ.